Lands of Turmoil, or The victors are not always heroes.

On "The War" by one Acyth - sage of Stonehold

Much has changed in a short time.

It was not that long ago in an old man’s lifetime that there was a church devoted to craftsmen and learning that held prominence in Liaha, and the kingdom was at relative peace.

Then the world changed. Dragons returned, and the traditions to hunt such majestic beasts returned with them. The temples of Forge had a hand in their return, and due to this the church was outlawed with priests fleeing or imprisoned.

Such upheaval did not go unnoticed; agents of Morlan and Takeda acted – first with violence in the city of Gateway, and later with an invasion of horse warriors from the north.

The past five years were the worst. With Siegus and Northgate falling to Morlan, and the port of Gateway, at best, a freeport and no longer calling itself part of Liaha. The military has fought valiantly, but against foes who bring ashore golems of iron and steel, and horse nomads who have, somehow, found and tamed flying horses – it has changed the balance. Fighting on multiple fronts has changed the country, and the people.

There will be countless books and stories about how the battles were won and lost, but instead I tell the story of the people. And how they were lost. A kingdom who once had a dragon as its crest chased them and the gods from its lands. It is a land, and people who have chased the magic, the divine, from their lives at a time when it was needed the most.

It may have been this toll that wrung heavily over Savan Tridegen, as he appeared to age heavily, and quickly before his passing. The children fight over the once great Liahan kingdom, and who should rule next.

Will Liaha find divine favor and return to a place of prominence, slowly rebuild into the power and glory it once had, or will it too, be absorbed and lost like so many empires before it. This is the story I chronicle, this is what an old man writes – I only hope I live long enough to see the end of my tale.



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