Lands of Turmoil, or The victors are not always heroes.

Tears of the Bard

Journal of the head bard of Greenbank

Greenbank, the city of dark stone, and of the Raven Queen has seen hardship.

The ravens have fled. In a flight they left with a noise that woke the city at night. The first to leave were the city’s namesakes. The black birds that perch on our roofs, guard our crops, and are here to watch over us.

After the living birds left, the city wept, as the statues, the reliefs, and friezes and more took shape and form, and then took flight.

The city was left bereft of its namesake, and it was left without a raven within.

It wasn’t until later that we realized what the signs meant. The Lady of Ravens was though to have fled breaking the covenant with the creatures that protected our city. If only we were so lucky, the Lady of Ravens, our Raven Queen, has died.

The assassination was skillful, smooth, and disasterous. The armies march down the city, as the city lies bereft of its protectors, and our guards are shaken as they man the walls. People flee by the thousands onto the lake on anything that may float.

I ask that Mellus grant us her tears, and muddy the roads. Let them, let us have a moment to mourn our Queen before we leave into the darkness of the night across the depths and darkness of Lake Dracun.

May Mellus have mercy on us,

Master of the Voice Rela



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