Lands of Turmoil, or The victors are not always heroes.

Words found on a dead messenger

A letter from Darat - head of the sages guild in Tridrake

Your Highness,

It is with great displeasure that I pen this missive. I have directed our sages and scribes to delve into the archives and speak with the Temples of Mellus about what you seek.

Unfortunately we have no records that are of any use.

There was no prophecy about the events of the last several years, nor about a way to defend or defeat the people from the east. I had my people search for information about the Morlans, the Liahans, and even the Takeadans. There was little that I’m sure your military advisors do not already know.

If the efforts of the recent years have been of divine, or supernatural, origin it has been carefully disguised. I don’t believe that it has such spark, instead it seems to be a collection of very bad decisions by those who lead Liaha that has destabilized the entire region.

I shall endeavour to speak with you in person shortly, but I must take proper precautions, so I have sent this by fastest messenger possible.

Yours sincerely,

Darat – Headmaster of Tridrake Sages



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